Indiana and Illinois Customers:

We are excited to bring “The Best Sheds in the Midwest” to the states of Indiana and Illinois and surrounding area. Our manufacturing shop is located in Villa Grove, Illinois and we will be serving the surrounding area within 200 miles.

For more information, please call Tyler Galyen at: 217-621-1541

Click the picture, visit the url, or click HERE to build your shed on our 3D Shed Builder!!


Below is a map of the customers we are serving. If you are located inside the circle, contact us TODAY. We are excited to show you a quality built shed, at a price that won’t break the bank. Contact us today to learn more:

Who are we?!?!?

Great question!! We are originally a South Dakota company looking to grow. We know the climate change in the midwest is gruesome, so we decided to build a shed that can stand up to extreme temperature changes. Indiana and Illinois also get some VERY COLD winters and VERY HOT summers, so we thought “Why wouldn’t be allow these customers experience some of the toughest sheds on the planet!!” Below is a video on why our sheds are the toughest around: