Payment Options


No Credit Check
Affordable Payments
Optional Buyout

Cash Payment

Immediate Ownership
No Payments
No Contracts

Rent To Own is our most popular payment option. It offers the convenience of using your shed right away without forking out the entire purchase price.

Getting started is simple. To enroll in our Rent To Own program, we simply collect one months’ payments, and deliver the building to your site! When payment is collected every month, the lease is automatically renewed. You can own the shed after just 35 payments! Since this is a rental program, and not a loan, no credit is required.

The best part is, you are not required to keep your building! You may cancel the rental contract at any time by simply calling us and requesting that we pick up the building at no further cost to you. You may also purchase the building at any point by simply paying 60% of the remaining balance on your 36 month lease.

Would you rather:

  • Pay for a storage unit away from home and get nothing in return for your fuel costs and inconvenience OR
  • Rent a building in the size, color, and style you choose – delivered to your backyard – and own that building after renting for only 36 months

Make the smart choice and Rent To Own! Rent To Own works for any of our storage sheds for sale!

Payment Types:
– Auto payment from savings or checking account
– Credit card

– 24 Months
– 36 months
– 48 Months