About Us

Our Company

We our glad you are interested in learning more about us. 605 Sheds is a Midwest owned and operated company honoring the Midwest values we all share. Located in the heart of America, 605 Sheds strives to provide the highest quality sheds and portable buildings for every customer – big or small. Our builders have had years of experience working with this product line and have provided customers with high-quality craftsmanship that is above any other you will find.

Since we are located in the midwest, we know how the weather plays a huge role in your daily lives. We know summers are humid and winters are brutally cold; we also know the wind is always blowing and that when it rains, it pours. For these reasons, we know exactly how to build the industries best in sheds and portable buildings to a level that is above and beyond the standard. We have raised the bar and would be honored to build your next shed or portable building!
If you have any more questions about us and who we are, feel free to contact us today!!


Mission Statement

To become the industries leading shed and portable building manufacturer covering the Midwest. As we offer you the best dealers while also providing top-notch customer service that goes along with the hard-working Midwest mentality we all value.


Our Values

Customer Service: This is the core of what sets us apart and we vow to treat our customers courteously and respectfully from start to finish.

Craftsmanship: Top-of-the-line Midwest-made buildings to beat the Midwest weather. GUARANTEED.

Midwest Mentality: We have been speaking about this but what exactly do we mean? To us, it means hard work, respect and loyalty, the love of your family, the love of your community, and the love of God.


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