Metal Roof Vs Shingle Roof on Portable Storage Building

Portable Storage Building


Portable Storage Buildings

It’s no secret, 605 Sheds prefers using metal for its roofs on all of its portable storage buildings. Yes, we can do shingled roofs as well as anybody else, however, there are reasons that we like using metal roofs in the Dakotas.

1. Metal Roofs Last Longer – As like anything in life, the answer for how long a metal roof will last will vary. Generally, a metal roof will last up to 4 times that of a shingled roof. 605 Sheds will only use the best quality metal for its portable storage buildings, and thus we can say that our roofs generally last 40-70 years. Check out our choice for metal roofs at Builders First Choice.
2. Metal roofed buildings are cooler – South and North Dakota are known for cold winters, but us living here also know it can be brutally hot in the summer. Metal roofs deflect heat, thus keeping the building cooler. In contrast, shingled roofs will draw heat and can actually make the building warmer.
3. Durable – Metal roofs are tough, just like the South and North Dakota winters. Metal roofs can take abuse from the sun, wind, snow, rain, and hail. Snow will typically slide off, thus causing less pressure on rafters and the shed foundation. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for shingled sheds to lose a few shingles while the shed is being delivered. Metal roofed sheds do not have this problem generally.
4. Colors – Let 605 Sheds spice up your portable storage building by choosing a wide variety of colors on your metal roof. Shingled roofs usually are duller. Allow us to make your portable storage building stand out by choosing a color that pops.

1. Cost – Metal roofs may have an initial higher cost. This is due to the above pros, and the longevity of the metal roof. You may have an initial higher cost when choosing a metal shed vs shingle shed. This extra cost will pay for itself because of how long metal roofs last.
2. Noise – If it’s raining outside and you have a metal roof, it will be louder in most instances. However, 605 Sheds uses a wood sheathing under their metal and many of our customers say they can’t tell much of a difference.

We feel the clear choice of a roof is metal vs shingle in North and South Dakota. However, we also know that certain circumstances may call for a different type of roof. Although we recommend to our customers to choose metal, we have no problem using a shingle composite for a roof if that is what fits your needs. Contact us today and ask us any other questions you may have when choosing the right shed!!!

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