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There are two business models in the portable storage shed industry as it relates to the retail and distribution side.  These two models are either display lots, or dealer lots. There are pros and cons of each but here at 605 Sheds, we tend to appreciate the dealer lot model better and therefore set up dealer locations.


Display Lots


Typically, this is when a storage shed company will rent lots and place display sheds there. They will usually have between 4 to 10 sheds at a location and hope customers stop by. In this business model, the customer rarely speaks face to face with an individual unless there is a storage shed delivery driver there.


PRO’s – Usually these lots have more signs and more comprehensive brochures. The website and all of the marketing is driven from a central location, so more time and money is spent in marketing.


CON’s – There is no face to face interaction with an individual who can answer your questions. Furthermore, the individual you may talk to may not live in the area. Therefore, he cannot give you the best recommendations on the types of sheds that may work best in your area. Dealers can be very helpful when choosing a storage shed and answer any questions that you may have.


Dealer Lots


These lots are usually manned by a dealer and placed at the dealer’s place of business. These dealer locations can contain around 4 to 10 sheds as well. In this business model, a customer will be able to speak with the dealer and ask any questions they may have about a storage shed.


PRO’s- The customer gets to have face to face conversation with an individual about the best types of storage sheds for the area, the different types of options, and any other question they may have. The dealer will work with the customer to ensure a smooth process from start to end on the shed buying process.


CON’s – Dealer hours may hinder flexibility when looking for a storage shed. For example, a customer may want to look on a Sunday, but the dealer isn’t around. However, many of our dealers will work with customers and will meet with them when it’s a good time for both.



605 Sheds places a very important emphasis on face to face meetings with the customers, therefore, we choose to have dealer lots. If you are in the market for a storage shed, call your closest dealer and speak with them today!! FREE DELIVERY and RENT TO OWN AVAILABLE!!!

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