The 605 Sheds Ordering Process

The 605 Sheds Ordering Process:

We know, buying a storage shed can be a tough decision with numerous variables. What style do you go with, what size, what type of roof or siding, or how many windows should one get? There are many questions, but that is why 605 Sheds will guarantee you a smooth process when ordering a shed. We have highlighted the simple process below using a flow chart so you know EXACTLY what to expect when ordering a shed through 605 Sheds.

1) The first step is to visit with your local dealers. Local dealers can be found by clicking here. Our dealers are the best in the industry and have been individually trained and have gained extensive knowledge in the shed industry. Most of our lots our manned by a dealer, so you will always get a person to talk to about your questions or needs and not just a phone number to call!!

2) Second, the dealer will listen to what you are looking for. The dealer will guide and make recommendations to what will best suit YOUR needs. After listening, the dealer and you can come up with the perfect shed for you.

3) Next, simply fill out the required paperwork and the order will be processed via our shop. When building your shed, we will use only the best products and craftsmanship. We handpick our shed components and are carpenters have YEARS of experience building sheds. You will quickly find out why 605 Sheds are simply the best sheds in the Midwest.

4) Finally, you will be contacted before delivery. Our truck drivers will deliver your shed and place it in the EXACT location that you’d like. We can do this by not only having years of experience delivering sheds, but also by having the best technology. The storage shed dolly we use to perfectly place your storage shed is a thing of magic. Not only does this allow us to place the shed in the exact location of your choosing, but we can do so with minimal damage to lawns or other landscaping.

Meet with one of our dealers today to find out why we have the best sheds in the Midwest. Contact us today!!

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