Derecho and 605 Sheds

For the second time this year, a Derecho swept across the midwest. Before this year, we had no idea what a Derecho was. However, we have been quickly reminded that mother nature is still in charge. The high speed storm took out farmer’s fields, machinery, tore off roofs, took down trees that have been standing for years, and even took out some sheds.

We have been hit with challenges these past few years including COVID, rising lumber prices, crashing lumber prices, rising component prices, worker shortage, and now mother-nature. We are pleased to announce that through all of this, we remain strong and committed to building the strongest sheds in the midwest. There are some things that we can’t control, but that is what every business is dealing with. We believe in the “Only the Strong Survive” concept, and through all of this we will be stronger then ever!!!

Thanks to all of our dealers and our customers for putting up with a crazy few years. We hope there is calm at the end of the storm, but either way we will be here and we will be building storage sheds for years to come!!

Will Lumber Prices Go Down?

Let us start off by saying we can't predict the future. It was our hope that lumber prices would have went down by now, but they haven't. Who knows when they will, and if they will. However, here is our recommendation on why now is a good time to buy a shed even with...

T-Handle or Hinges for Sale

At 605 Sheds, we understand that you may need to replace your T-Handle or your Shed Hinges. That’s why we have made it easy for you to pick out any replacement and get it delivered to your house.  Click here to buy a replacement hinge, or T- Handle! Remember you can...

How we are handling the Coronavirus:

What a world we live in right now! One thing that rings true through this madness, is how much we are trying to lift up our communities as much as we can. Although we respect the decisions of businesses shutting down, or being forced to close, we are hoping to keep...