Do I need a permit, tie downs, or are there any setbacks on my storage shed?

Do I need a permit? Do I need to tie down my shed? How close to the side walk can I set it? We get these questions a lot. Unfortunately, we cannot answer all those questions for you and our first suggestion is to call your local zoning department to answer those questions. We have dealers in 28 towns and growing, so we feel that it is best to ask an expert in your town what the rules and permit requirements are before purchasing a shed. Below is a list of the phone number of all zoning departments in the towns in which we have dealers. Please feel free to reach out to them for any zoning questions regarding your storage shed.

Sioux Falls, SD – 605-367-8254

Canton, SD – 605-987-2881

Arlington, SD – 605-983-5251

Brookings, SD – 605-692-6629

Yankton, SD – 605-260-4445

Mitchell, SD – 605-995-8433

North Sioux City, SD – 605-232-4276

Plankinton, SD – 605-942-7767

Huron, SD – 605-353-8512

Watertown, SD – 605-882-6202

Platte, SD – 605-337-3921

Big Stone City, SD – 605-862-8121

Chamberlain, SD – 605-234-4400

Webster, SD – 605-345-3241

Sisseton, SD – 605-698-3391

Pierre, SD – 605-773-7407

Gettysburg, SD – 605-256-7610

Rapid City, SD—605-394-2186

Spearfish, SD— 605-717-1122

Belle Fourche, SD—605-892-3006

Hot Springs, SD—605-745-3135

Fargo, ND – 701-241-1474

Mandan, ND— 701-667-3225

Harvey, ND – 701-324-2000

Dickinson, ND— 701-456-7744

Minot, ND – 701-857-4100

New Town, ND— 701-627-4812

Williston, ND — 701-577-8104

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