What NOT to store in your portable storage building

Your portable storage shed has become an invaluable asset to you, helping declutter your garage, your basement, and your life. But as wonderful as it can be to put some items out of sight (and out of mind), there are several items you should not store in your non-climate controlled portable storage building.

Take care not to store things in a too-hot or too-cold shed that can be damaged by extreme temperature. Your shed is outdoors, and in the Midwest, we know the gamut of temperatures that Mother Nature will throw at us.

It is not advised to store canned food in a storage shed. Canned food does better in a cool environment (not cold), and if a can gets too hot, the chances of breakdown are increased. And an environment with high humidity can cause your cans to rust.  The freezing and thawing cycle can damage seals on your canned goods, making them inedible.

It’s not a good idea to store electronics in your portable storage building. Your unused microwave or computer can be damaged by high heat, or moisture. These are better off stored in your house.  If you’re storing anything with an LCD screen, the liquid can freeze and damage it beyond repair.

Many liquids won’t do well in a storage shed. The quality of things like paint and glue can suffer if it freezes.

Valuable items like some artwork or musical instruments are particularly sensitive to temperate fluctuations. Wooden instruments can be damaged by heat and humidity. Brass instruments can rust in humid environments. Keep your instruments inside. The same goes for your artwork. Heat, humidity, sun exposure- these are all things that can warp or discolor your collection.

Some things will fare okay if extra care is taken.

If you plan to store any kind of paper materials in your shed, make sure they are in airtight storage containers. This will protect them from moisture and pests like mice or bugs.  The same goes for clothing and photos. If you have to store them in your shed, make sure they are airtight.

Pet food stored in your shed should be kept in a tight metal container, possibly a metal trash can with a tight lid. This will help keep rodents from feasting on Fido’s food.

Take care when storing things like gasoline or propane. You really should only have enough on hand for your mower or snow blower that you will use within a week or two. Cold winter temps can break down the gasoline. Do not store your gasoline or propane near an appliance that uses natural gas or propane to run.

Your storage shed is wonderful functionable added space for your home. Just remember that not all of your belongings are portable storage building friendly!

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