Storage Shed For Backyard

Do you need a shed for your backyard? That is one of the most sought after searches on Google, and the answer is not always clear. There are many questions that you should consider when deciding if you need a shed:


  1. Do I need a shed? — This is the most obvious question one should ask. A storage shed is useful not only because it adds extra storage space to one’s property but it also adds resale value if you are to sell your house. Remember to check if your house needs a building permit before purchasing a shed.
  2. What type of shed should I buy? — There are many options, and 605 Sheds can make ANY type of shed including dog kennels, or garages. Check out our types of sheds page to determine other sheds we may sell.
  3. Should I buy new or used? — This can be a very important decision because obviously a new shed will have our warranty, but it will also come with a new price. If looking for used sheds, we also may have some of those in stock.
  4. Should I buy cash or do another option such as rent to own? — Cash may not be the right option for everybody. That is why at 605 Sheds, we offer a rent to own option. If you are interested, read more at our payment options page.


2 thoughts on “Storage Shed For Backyard

  1. How far out are you usually booked for orders? I will be needing a shed before winter/ it would be gray in color to match my house, you have colors that work (driftwood etc.) Do I need a concrete slab for this shed? Do your skids protrude below the floor and how much? How far apart are they? Thank you!
    Wayne Stuhlmiller

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