The First Thing You Should Look for When Buying a Storage Shed:

605 Sheds
605 Sheds

No corners cut. The best quality-built sheds around. Only the best products used.  These are the types of tag lines that most storage shed builders use. To be completely honest, we’ve used these tag lines as well to describe our storage sheds. When describing our sheds, we feel that we do have the best built sheds around. This article will show you why and the number one thing you should look at when shopping around for a storage shed.

It’s no secret that our sheds are built better from the ground up. The number one reason for this is our skids.  Skids on the storage shed are the backbone, the foundation, THE NUMBER ONE thing you should look at when buying a shed.  There are multiple reasons that our skids are built for Dakota weather and climate.

  1. They are 4 x 6 in size. Our sheds use the largest skids on the market. Why is this important? This is the foundation for any shed and the larger the skids, the sturdier the shed is. It also allows the shed to sit higher causing less moisture and potential critters from getting in the shed.
  2. They are green-treated (pressure treated). The benefits of green-treated wood are many. During the treating process, the wood preservatives are forced deep in the wood. This is done by forcing water into the wood and “locking” in the preservatives making the wood tougher, heaving, and sturdier.  Green-treated wood provides long term protection against fungal decay, water damage, and insect infestation.
  3. They are notched. This is the most important aspect of why our sheds are considered the strongest in the Midwest. Kind of like Lincoln Logs (if you don’t know what they are check out, our skids provide a “notch” for our floor 2 x 6 Floor Joists to sit in. Rather than just setting the floor joist on top of a skid, we literally sit ours inside of it allowing for a maximum tight fit.  Notched skids allow for the shed to sit and take all kinds of abuse. It also minimizes settling of the sheds.

Contact us today to learn why our sheds are the strongest, most affordable, and best built sheds in the Midwest.

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