When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Storage Shed in South and North Dakota?

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So, you are looking at buying a storage shed, but not quite sure the best time of year to buy one?  The Dakota’s weather, as we all know it, can change from tropical to a frozen tundra that same week.  As I’m writing this, there is still snow on the ground in April with more forecasted.  So naturally one would think that they should wait for summer to buy the shed as the ground is hard, and everything is ready to go. However, this may not always be the case.

There are many factors when buying a shed, such as waiting on permits, leveling ground, and/or moving your old shed out of the way.  However, for the sake of this article, we will consider all the prep work done and only focus on a customer who is ready for a shed now. So, with that considered when is the best time to order a shed?

There are 5 phases of the storage shed cycle, if you will, in the Dakotas.  The first phase is Winter in December, January and February. This is usually a slow time in the shed world, and I recommend people start looking at sheds and get a feel for what they like. Only order if you know exactly what you want and you’re ok not getting it delivered until the winter clears. The pro of doing this is that you know the shed will be done and if there is a break in the weather, you may get it earlier than expected.

The second phase is the “spring rush”. People are excited and out moving and this is when inquiries and ordering really start to pick up. This phase goes from March to June. If you are early in the rush, your shed will be built quickly and you’ll get it when you desire.  We will also be able to determine and fight through those April showers and get you your shed when the weather cooperates.

The third phase is the summer steady. We get consistent shed orders throughout the month of July, August, and early September. These shed orders usually come at a steady pace and we are able to maintain and deliver the sheds to our customers as they need them.

The fourth phase is the “fall rush”. This period lasts from late September to November. This is the time, when a flurry of orders come in before the winter. This is a risky time, as it has been known to snow in October and November, and may hinder the delivery of your storage shed.

With all of that being said, I would recommend ordering your shed sooner than later. This will ensure you will get to enjoy your shed in the long warmer months, and be ready to have them packed and being used during the winter months.  Give us a call so you can get your shed ordered today (early in the spring rush phase), and ensure proper delivery!!!

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