A guide to buying a shed in Fall

A Guide to buying a shed in the Fall:

Fall is two weeks away. Shortly, the leaves will start to turn colors and eventually fall off. Football has already started, and occasionally there is a chill in the air in the morning.  Fall to us at 605 Sheds means football, family, and pheasants :). It also means it’s time to prepare for the impending Dakota winter.  

Last year was a record year for snowfall. It hit in early winter, and didn’t fully melt till near spring. El Niño is predicted to hit and that SOMETIMES means that the Dakota’s will be warmer and dryer. It also is just a prediction, so who really knows??? All we know, it’s best to be prepared.

Buying a shed in fall will help you get ready for the winter by giving you the much needed space that you need to fully be prepared for winter. You’ll have easier access to your snowblower and shovel, and your items will be protected. WE BUILD THESE SHEDS TOUGH!!!!

Here are a few tips that we recommend when buying a shed in fall: 

1) Start the process early. You may need permits (we recommend checking with your local office), prep the spot, get your significant other approval, etc. All of this takes time, so start early!!

2) Visit your local dealer so they can help you with any questions you may have. Our dealers have many years of experience and can help you decide the best shed for your every need!! 

3) Check out our payment options.  We have two popular options that most people gravitate to. The first being cash. The second being Rent To Own — in which there is no credit check, we offer affordable payments, and you can buy it out with no penalty at any time!! 


Contact a 605 Sheds representative today to order your shed this fall!!. 

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