Storage Shed Delivery

Shed sales are picking up and we are excited about that. We have delivered well over 25 customer shed moves a week the last few weeks, and spring is just getting started!!  With all of those shed deliveries, one of the most often heard questions we hear is “how do these sheds get hauled”?


There are three main components to hauling a portable storage shed: The Semi/Truck, the trailer, and the mule (no not like the donkey).  These three components all play a huge role in getting your storage building exactly where you would like it.


  • The Semi or Truck: This is the workhorse of the shed delivery option. The rig that pulls your storage shed must be powerful enough to pull tons of weight, but agile enough to move around hills and mountainous terrain. Our truck drivers are trained and insured and have years of practice with driving oversized loads. This helps them immensely when driving thousands of miles to deliver your storage shed!!


  • Trailer: One might thing a flatbed trailer would be sufficient, but our trailers our specially designed to help with maneuvering those tight spots and getting your storage shed in the perfect location. Most of our trailers are equipped with hydraulics that allow us to use a winch, tile the trailer, and extend it. Some of our trailers have side shifters that allow us to move the shed while it’s on the trailer. These trailers are specially built on the east coast by a colony who focuses only on shed trailers. We love our trailers and the quality of them.


  • Mule: This is one of the most revolutionary machines that has helped shed haulers all across the United States. A mule is a specialty designed machine only for sheds that uses back pressure to place sheds in an exact location up to 1/10 of an inch. The mule has special tires, and hydraulics that allow a shed to be delivered across the yard or gravel or wherever, without marking up the terrain. Every serious shed hauler and shed manufacturing company needs one of these.



Contact us today to learn how we can get you your shed in even the tightest of places!!



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