Build On-Site Package:

605 Sheds is proud to introduce we are now building on site. We will start in a BETA phase and focus on an area around Huron including Sioux Falls, Brookings, and Watertown.  On-site buildings can only be done via a cash sale (no financing available). The buildings will be prefabricated at our factory and shipped to the customers house for assembly.

There are a few reasons you may want to purchase an on-site build.

  1. Types of Properties – Some residential and commercial areas have tight fitting spaces that won’t allow for any type of shed (no matter how small) to be hauled in an individual’s backyard.  Thus, the only way to get a high-quality storage shed is to build it on site.
  • Cement Slab – Many people want to skip the storage shed floor and have a concrete floor instead. In some instances, this can be beneficial.  In this instance, you will need a cement slab on the foundation before we deliver. If you do not have anybody, we have crews that we work with, and may be able to recommend.

There are a few options we offer when building an on-site storage shed. We can build the floor on-site or we can use the cement slab as the foundation. When building a floor, it will cost the customer a bit more money than without building the floor.  Depending on the size of the shed, the options, and all other factors; the building process may take 1-3 days.  You can expect to get your shed delivered around 2 to 3 weeks after ordering.

If you would like to get a detailed quote, please click here or email us at


605 Sheds

The Power of the Dakota Storm:

This week, we got to feel the effect of a nasty Dakota storm. Producing as much as 18 inches of snow in Western South Dakota and as much as 3 inches of rain in Yankton, South Dakota; this storm created a first-hand look of what snow, rain, freezing temps, and melting snow can actually do. 605 Sheds feel for those that may have been harmed by the storm, and many of our own felt the burden with broken storm drains and flooded basements. Sometimes, however, a storm can have a positive impact on a community. One of our father’s basement was flooding and the road to get to the house had a river through it and was not accessible. Therefore, we couldn’t get a clean-up crew to the house. What was worse, was that the home owner was out of town and had no idea how bad his house was damaged. Fortunately for him, he had neighbors that volunteered their time to go and help mitigate the damage by removing carpet.

During these tough times, it’s easy to question why we live here. However, it’s the act of our neighbors helping us out when we are in times of need that confirm why we do actually live here. It also confirms why we love to do business here. The Midwest is the best type of people, and we love serving you the best we can. Stay safe out there everybody, and hopefully spring is right around the corner.

605 Sheds

The First Thing You Should Look for When Buying a Storage Shed:

605 Sheds
605 Sheds

No corners cut. The best quality-built sheds around. Only the best products used.  These are the types of tag lines that most storage shed builders use. To be completely honest, we’ve used these tag lines as well to describe our storage sheds. When describing our sheds, we feel that we do have the best built sheds around. This article will show you why and the number one thing you should look at when shopping around for a storage shed.

It’s no secret that our sheds are built better from the ground up. The number one reason for this is our skids.  Skids on the storage shed are the backbone, the foundation, THE NUMBER ONE thing you should look at when buying a shed.  There are multiple reasons that our skids are built for Dakota weather and climate.

  1. They are 4 x 6 in size. Our sheds use the largest skids on the market. Why is this important? This is the foundation for any shed and the larger the skids, the sturdier the shed is. It also allows the shed to sit higher causing less moisture and potential critters from getting in the shed.
  2. They are green-treated (pressure treated). The benefits of green-treated wood are many. During the treating process, the wood preservatives are forced deep in the wood. This is done by forcing water into the wood and “locking” in the preservatives making the wood tougher, heaving, and sturdier.  Green-treated wood provides long term protection against fungal decay, water damage, and insect infestation.
  3. They are notched. This is the most important aspect of why our sheds are considered the strongest in the Midwest. Kind of like Lincoln Logs (if you don’t know what they are check out, our skids provide a “notch” for our floor 2 x 6 Floor Joists to sit in. Rather than just setting the floor joist on top of a skid, we literally sit ours inside of it allowing for a maximum tight fit.  Notched skids allow for the shed to sit and take all kinds of abuse. It also minimizes settling of the sheds.

Contact us today to learn why our sheds are the strongest, most affordable, and best built sheds in the Midwest.

Why we decided to use a 3D builder to showcase our sheds:

It’s no secret, there is more and more shed companies to choose from each year.  We can see it in our communities as shed dealers are popping up on the corner everywhere.  Knowing our product is of the highest quality, and at a very affordable cost we brainstormed on how we can showcase our product to as many potential customers as possible.  605 Sheds have always had the reputation of being tough. From the ground up, our sheds are built the best. Notched green treated 4 x 6 skids, and tongue and groove flooring allow for a perfect fit at the base of the shed. Our premium LP siding and 5-year warranty gives our customers the confidence they need when buying a premium shed.  We know our sheds are tough, but we also wanted the customer to know that they are also affordable!!  That’s why we decided to build our 3D model builder.

The 3D builder allows our customers to not only visualize the shed they are going to potentially purchase, but it also allows them to compare prices. We are proud to not only purchase the highest premium quality, built with Hutterite Craftsmanship, but at a the most affordable price around.  Being one of the largest shed manufacturers within the Dakota’s allows us large purchasing power.  We have the equipment, the bulk supply order power, and the human capitol capability to allow for our sheds to be built better and MORE AFFORDABLE!!

Use our Shed Builder to build your dream shed and contact our dealers today!!

3D Shed builder

Do I need a permit, tie downs, or are there any setbacks on my storage shed?

Do I need a permit? Do I need to tie down my shed? How close to the side walk can I set it? We get these questions a lot. Unfortunately, we cannot answer all those questions for you and our first suggestion is to call your local zoning department to answer those questions. We have dealers in 28 towns and growing, so we feel that it is best to ask an expert in your town what the rules and permit requirements are before purchasing a shed. Below is a list of the phone number of all zoning departments in the towns in which we have dealers. Please feel free to reach out to them for any zoning questions regarding your storage shed.

Sioux Falls, SD – 605-367-8254

Canton, SD – 605-987-2881

Arlington, SD – 605-983-5251

Brookings, SD – 605-692-6629

Yankton, SD – 605-260-4445

Mitchell, SD – 605-995-8433

North Sioux City, SD – 605-232-4276

Plankinton, SD – 605-942-7767

Huron, SD – 605-353-8512

Watertown, SD – 605-882-6202

Platte, SD – 605-337-3921

Big Stone City, SD – 605-862-8121

Chamberlain, SD – 605-234-4400

Webster, SD – 605-345-3241

Sisseton, SD – 605-698-3391

Pierre, SD – 605-773-7407

Gettysburg, SD – 605-256-7610

Rapid City, SD—605-394-2186

Spearfish, SD— 605-717-1122

Belle Fourche, SD—605-892-3006

Hot Springs, SD—605-745-3135

Fargo, ND – 701-241-1474

Mandan, ND— 701-667-3225

Harvey, ND – 701-324-2000

Dickinson, ND— 701-456-7744

Minot, ND – 701-857-4100

New Town, ND— 701-627-4812

Williston, ND — 701-577-8104

Why Buying at 605 Sheds means you are supporting local business — no matter where you live!!!

Dealer Locations

605 Sheds is a Midwest owned and operated company. Obviously, our headquarters are in South Dakota, but we have roots in all the surrounding states.  We try to buy local products as much as possible and support as many businesses as we can when it comes to purchasing material, paint, or hardware. However, our support doesn’t just stop on the buying side.

There are two main ways to sell storage sheds: Either by use of a display lot or by the use of dealers.  605 Sheds uses dealers in nearly all of our lots for a variety of reasons. Not only will the customer get a face to face conversation and superior customer service, but the customer will get any questions they may have answered by a real person and suggestions on what type of shed to buy.  

The best part when purchasing a shed through a 605 Shed’s dealer is that you are also supporting a local business. Being a dealer for 605 Sheds is like running a business.  Our dealers work many hours answering phone calls, messages, and marketing the sheds. When you buy a shed from your local dealer the money will stay within that community. If you are looking for a shed, contact your local dealer today!!

Introducing our new 3D Shed Builder:

We are proud to announce the newest addition to the 605 Sheds family – Our 3D Shed Builder!!! This web-based program is so cool for a variety of reasons, but this article is going to explain the top 3 reasons you should use the 3D Shed Builder to build your dream shed.

  1. You can design your perfect shed.  Our shed builder will take the guess work and mental visualization out of the process and give you a product you can see.  You will be able to choose any of our colors we have on hand or choose any of the options we carry. Many of these options may be unfamiliar until you see it on the 3D Shed Builder. We carry options such as a dormer roof, transom windows, and a work bench. You can also check our many styles and sizes to help you build YOUR DREAM SHED.
  • You can bring your design to your nearest dealer. Not only can you send yourself a link that will give the specs and design of your new 3D Sheds, but you can also email a link to a friend, spouse, or family member. You can then visit your nearest dealer with the design to make the process even easier when buying a shed. The dealer will have the ability to send your design to our manufacturer to make sure your shed comes out EXACTLY like you want it.
  • Our 3D Shed builder allows you to compare prices with other shed builders around.  We know that if our customers compare quality and price, then 605 Sheds will always be a high contender. We feel our shed is built not only with the best construction around, but also at one of the cheapest price points. This combination of quality and value allows us to always reach our customer not only design their DREAM shed but also get it at a fair price point.

Contact us today to learn more about our sheds, and how we can help you find your DREAM shed.

Three Things to Consider when Buying a Shed:

605 Sheds



The size of the shed obviously is the first thing that should be determined when purchasing a portable storage shed. The size of your shed should be determined by a few things. Are there any limitations where you are putting it such as a fence or trees? If there are, you may need to scale down to a smaller sized shed.  If the boundaries are not limited and you can fit any size shed, then you will want to determine what is the right size based on budget and storage needs.  The bigger the shed, the more stuff you can store, but it obviously comes at a higher price. One thing to keep in mind is that we do offer the best Rent To Own terms around.



The style you choose should be determined by a few factors. For example, if you are using it for a hunting lodge you may want to look at our cabin package. If it’s for storage and you want the extra space, you’ll want to look at our lofted barn package. If you’re looking for a sleeker look at a better price, then check out our utility package. All of our storage shed types are located here. The package you decide on will ultimately depend on how you use your shed. Furthermore, we can customize any shed with windows, doors, door placement, etc.




We are unique in that we will level and deliver your shed free of charge. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about a foundation. Although we can set it on the ground due to the strength of our green treated lumber, a concrete slab is the best. However, there are other options one might consider such as a gravel pad.



Whatever your thoughts are in determining what shed is right for you, just know that are dealers are always a phone call away and would love to help you find your DREAM SHED!!!


Why a shed makes a great Christmas Present

Having trouble thinking of a Christmas present to get your significant other?? Fishing gear, hunting gear, something for your house hold– these are great ideas, but they all have something in common. They need storage. Here are three reasons why a shed might make a great Christmas present.

  • Contrary to popular belief a storage shed can be delivered in Winter. Depending on the weather, we are happy to deliver your shed as soon as we possibly can. Chances are we are going to be able to get you your shed sooner than later, but if sooner doesn’t work – we can always get you on the schedule for an early spring delivery.
  • We offer many types of financing options. You can put a down payment or pay one month’s rental payment on our popular Rent To Own program. This will allow you to only make a small payment before your shed gets delivered, even if you don’t want it delivered until spring.
  • Tax write off opportunity. In some cases, you may have an opportunity to do a tax right off AND purchase someone a Christmas gift. You will want to talk to your tax provider to make sure you are eligible, but in some cases,  this can be a great way to purchase your shed.

Contact us today in order to purchase your shed.



Dog Kennels

605 Sheds prides itself on our Midwest roots, so it was a natural transition to add dog kennels to our lineup. Our team at 605 Sheds all love dogs, and many of us own are own. When deciding how to make the dog kennels, we knew we had to commit to the same high quality that we use when making our sheds. That is why we use many of the same products that our sheds use including green treated lumber, LP Smart Side siding, notched 4 x 6 skids and double studded seams.  We also use either a Behlen Country or American Fence for our gates. This can ensure that the dog kennel will last, and that your dog will have a happy home. Our dog kennels can be insulated, include rubber mats, or a steel front to ensure your dog will never bite or scratch any part of your shed.


So what dog kennel is right for you? Well, it depends on how many dogs you have and how much storage you need. We offer three different standard sizes, or can custom build one for your needs:


10 x 10 Single Run- This kennel is ideal for one dog and some storage. One doggy door will come with this shed.

Single Run

10 x 16 Double Run – This kennel is ideal for two dogs and a large amount of storage. You can also use it for one dog and not have a divider.

Double Run

10 x 16 Four Run – This kennel is ideal for 3 or more dogs, but it doesn’t include storage. The dog will have an outside area, and an inside area for those cold Dakota winters.

4 run


When looking for a dog kennel for sale, 605 Sheds dealers and representatives can help you along the way. Check out your closest dealer by clicking here  or call us today at 605-350-1022.